Wednesday, January 19, 2011

SBI GK question paper held on 16-1-2011(Evening shift)

Q1)hindalco company is related to?
Aluminium and rolling
Q2)Nicole faria is?
Miss earth is frm- India
Q3)Bihar chief minster?
Nitish kumar
Q4)Highest literacy rate ?
Q5)Brahmos is ?
Supersonic cruise missile
Q6)Guangzhou is in news for?
16th asean games
Q7)Gagan narang
Q8)Tejaswini sawant
Rifle shooting
Q9)David cameron is?
PM of U.K
Q10)In IIFCL “F”stands for?
Q11)What is money laundering?
Q12)Man booker prize winner frm following ?
Q13)Scheme for slum dwellers-?
Rajiv awas yojna
Q14)Scheme related to health —
Q15)Nobel prize 2010 for physics-
Andrei geim, Novoselov
Q16)Insurance regulator—
Irda (  none of these )
Q17)Industralist of decade-?
Ratan tata
Q18)award given to coach?
Dronacharya award
Q19)First elections in india?
- 1951-52
Q20)currency of kuwait–
Q21)Where is the headquater of SAARC?
Q22)From d following who was never the prime minister of india??
Somnath chatterge
Q23)Banks are opening in about 2000 districts in rural areas is?
Financial inclusion
Q24)Which is a employment scheme
Q25)DR. Westwalter who came to india in october was from wich country?
External affair minister of germany
Q26)Hasim amla is?
South africa
Q27)Who’s the author of the white tiger?
Arvind adiga

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