Tuesday, January 4, 2011

gk quiz 7(1)

1.      Who is the present Telecom Minister?
a)Manmohan Singh    b)A Raja     c)Kapil Sibal     d)Sachin Pilot   e)none
2.      Which organization has launched ‘Awaaz Do’ with the support of GOI?
a)UNESCO    b)UNICEF   c)UN   d)WHO    e)none
3.       Which Country will build country’s first industrial solar power station near Black sea?
a)Russia    b)China    c)India    d)Japan   e)none
4.       Which country has supplied F-16 combat jets to Pakistan?
a)China    b)Russia    c)US    d)France    e)Britain
5.       Which of the following countries has test fired intercontinental ballistic missile ‘Bulava’?
a)Russia    b)China    c)North Korea    d)Iran    e)none
6.      Which country has approved world’s biggest Solar Power Project?
a)US   b)India    c)Britain    d)China    e)Russia
7.      India has lifted ban on emigration clearance for employment on which of the following country?
a)Pakistan    b)Australia    c)Libya    d)Nepal    e)China
8.      ‘World Food Day’ is observed on which of the following days?
a)July 16    b)September 16     c)June 16    d)October 16    e)none
9.       In the recent past the name ‘Julian Assange’ has came in most of the news channels and news papers. He belongs to which of the following?
a)Facebook     b)Wikipidea     c)Google    d)Wikileaks    e)none
10.   Which of the following is not a direct tax?
a)Income tax    b)Wealth tax    c)Corporate tax    d)a,b & c    e)Sales tax

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