Monday, January 17, 2011

SBI GK question paper held on 16-1-2011(morning shift)

Q1) Hilary clinton who is on india tour is?
US secretary of state
Q2) Which trophy is related to cricket?
Duleep trophy
Q3)Which is food crop?
Q4)Retirement age of the judges increased to
65 years
Q5) Shushil kumar is
Wrestling champion
Q6) Which of the following award is related to sport?
Arjuna Award
Q7)Which of the following game organised in delhi octobar 2010?
Comman wealth games
Q8) In AFSPA word s is
Q9) In wester countries most of the banks closed because of
Global slow down
Q10)Which of the following never being governer of india
Arup roy choudhary
Q11)which monetry policy rbi not change
Pulse rate
Q12)which term is financial term
Q13 director of piple live
Anusha rijvi
Q14 Salt chemical formula?
Sodium chloride
Q15 Which contain vitamin C?
lemon juice
Q16)operation new dawn?
Q17)kiran desai novel?
inheritence of loss
Q18)Rohan bopana related to which game?
lawn tennis
Q19)Ayodhya issue is in
Utar pradesh
Q20)stock exchange not there in?
Q21)exporters risk aid given by?
Q22)tembhli village in
Q23)3G…….g stands for?
Q24)mota singh…..?
first sikh judge of UK
Q25)AIBA womens world boxing?
Q26)Jimena Navarette Belongs to which Country ?
Q27)who is not worked as RBI Governer ?
Arup roy choudhary
Q28)which PM helped Bangladesh to get Freedom ?
Indira Gandhi
Q29)UAE currency?
Q30)SSF unorganised sector……?
rikshaw pullers
Q31)india – south korea deal….ak antony visited south korea and…..ties in ?
defence sector
Q32)which organization you will see in the battlefield where there is war will be?
red cross
Q33) what is financial inclusion?
providing banking facilities to remote are
Q33)food security bill related to
Q34)Vedanta alumina related to
Q35)Which of the following is private bank?
Axis bank

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