Tuesday, January 4, 2011

gk quiz 7(2)

1.      Who has been elected as the President of Indian Newspaper Society for the year 2010-11?
a)K.N Tilak Ram     b)Rakesh Sharma     c)Kundan R.Vyas     d)V.Shankaran      e)none
2.      Recently who among the following conferred with ‘Taj Enlighten Tareef Award’?
a)Leela Naidu     b)Shabana Azmi      c)Javed Akthar    d)Both a& b    e)none
3.      Base Rate of banks is fixed by ______?
a)RBI     b)Finance Minister     c)Both a & b     d)Banks    e)none
4.       India is the ___ Largest Producer of Vehicles in the World?
a)third       b)fifth     c)seventh     d)second     e)none of these
5.         ______ is a Insurance Regulator in India?
a) TRAI    b)SEBI     c)BSE      d)RBI     e)IRDA
6.       Micro Credit in India comes under ________?
a)Private Banking      b)NBFC    c)Rural Banking     d)Cooperative Banking    e)none
7.       What is the present limit for money transfer in RTGS?
a)`1,00,000     b)`1,50,000      c)`2,00,000    d)`2,50,000    e)`5,00,000
8.       which is the only Asian country represented in the G-8 group?
a)India      b)South Korea     c)China    d)Japan   e)none
9.      Bad Loans can be described as NPA (Non Performing Assets) in banking terminology?
10.  A/c to the recent report of ADB, what is India’s urbanization rank in Asia(% of population living in urban areas)? 34th.

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