Tuesday, January 4, 2011

gk quiz 7(3)

1.            RBI has approved the merger of ‘Bank of Rajasthan' with ICICI bank.
2.            Who got the 2010 Commonwealth Writers Prize for the book ‘Solo' - Rana Dasgupta.
3.            Which day has been observed as the International Day of Older Persons(IDOP) - Oct 1st.
4.            What is the India’s rank in the new Global Hunger Index by the International Food Policy Research Institute - 67.
5.            ‘Gourde’ is the currency of which country?
a)Bhutan     b)Haiti     c)Norway    d)Chile     e)none
6.            India has won 101 medals in 2010 Commonwealth Games. In which sport India has won maximum no. of gold medals?
a)Wrestling      b)Boxing     c)Shooting     d)Badminton    e)Weightlifting
7.            Which of the following country is not elected to UNSC as a non-permanent member for a two year term on the council starting from Jan 1st 2011?
a)India     b)Kazakhstan    c)South Africa    d)Germany    e)Portugal
8.            Which of the following ministry has re-launched the PURA(Provision of Urban Amenities in Rural Areas) Scheme?
a)Ministry of Urban Development 
b)Ministry of Rural Development
c)Ministry of Health & Family Welfare
d)Ministry of Finance
e)Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment
9.            Who among the following has been chosen for ICC Cricketer of the Year 2010?
a)Sachin Tendulkar     b)A B de Villiers     c)Virender Sehwag      d)M S Dhoni    e)none of these
10.        Who won the 2010 Champions League Twenty20?
a)Mumbai Indians     b)Royal Challengers Bangalore     c)Warriors    d)Chennai Super Kings   e)none

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