Saturday, February 26, 2011

GK Quiz 10

1)      Which country has been awarded the rights to host the 2012 Asia Cup Cricket?
a)      Bangladesh
b)      India
c)      Sri lanka
d)     China
2)      Who is appointed as Director General of Civil Aviation?
a)      E. K. Bharat Bhushan
b)      Amar Pratp Singh
c)      U.K. Sinha
d)     Anand Sinha
3)      Which Indian Sportsperson has signed a 26-crore deal with world's 3rd largest and India's largest spirit maker UB group?
a)      Mahendra Singh Dhoni
b)      Sachin Tendulkar  
c)      Harbajan Singh
d)     Virender Sehwag
4)      Who has been appointed as an Advisor to Prime Minister on Skill Development ?
a)         S Ramadorai
b)         Kapil Sibal
c)         Arun Shourie
d)        Rajiv Puri
5)      who has appointed as the SEBI's next Chairman ?
a)      E. K. Bharat Bhushan
b)      Amar Pratp Singh
c)      U.K. Sinha
d)     Anand Sinha
6)      Who has taken charge as the fourth deputy governor at the Reserve Bank.
a)      Anand Sinha
b)      Smt Usha Thorat
c)      Subir Gokarn
7)      Who is Karnataka Governor which on 21/1/2011 sanctioned the prosecution of Chief Minister Yeddyurappa on charges of corruption.
a)      HR Bharadwaj
b)      Shivraj Patil
8)       If a Bank is opened in (SEZ) Special Economic Zones in India, then it comes under which among the following ?
a)      International Banking
b)      Null & Void Banking
c)      Offshore Banking
d)     Trusted banking
9)      What is INS Deepak?
a) Supersonic Missile
b) Fleet Tanker
c) Radar system
d) Nuclear missile carrier
10)  Who is the Author of the book “The Bhutto Murder Trail”?
a) Mufti Mhmd Sayeed
b) Gen Parvez Musharraf
Amir Mird) None of the Above
11)  Who has taken over the charge of CMD of OBC bank?
a) Vikram Johar
Nagesh Pydahc) S K Shah
d) Vinay Modi
12)  Govt. has decided to stop circulation of 25 paisa coin  ?
a)      1 June 2011
b)      10 June 2011
c)      20 June 2011
d)     30 June 2011
13)  According to RBI Banks should adopt Base Rate till ?
a)      30 may 2011
b)     30 June 2011
c)      30 July 2011
d)     30 August  2011
14)  Which European country has officially adopted Euro as their currency recently?
a) Estonia
b) Latvia
c) Italy
d) Spain
15)  Stealth fighter plane was first developed by USA, which is the second country which succeeded in doing so?
a) Russia
b) China
c) Japan
d) India

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