Wednesday, December 8, 2010


1.      Number of medals won by India in the recently concluded inaugural youth Olympics?8 Medals.
(6 silver&2bronze.)
2.      Off-spinner who has replaced Graeme Smith as South Africa's Twenty20 captain
Johan Botha
3.      Iran opened its first nuclear power plant on 21-08-2010 at?
4.      Who won first gold medal in inaugural Youth Olympics held in Singapore?
Yuka Sato.(Japan).
5.      A shoe was hurled at Chief Minister of Indian state by a suspended police officer,during Independence Day function,2010 Who is that CM?
Omar Abdulla
6.      Who has been awarded Ashok Chakra, the highest peacetime gallantry award of India on the eve of 64th Independence Day?
Major Laishram Jyotin Singh.
7.      Terrorist Bin Laden's former cook&driver who has been sentenced to 14 years in prison?
Ibrahim Ahmed Mahmoud al Qosi.
8.      Prime minister of South Korea?
Kim Tae-ho
9.      President of which country had shoes thrown at him as he attended a political rally in Britain on 7-08-10?
Pakistan. Asif Ali Zardari,Pakistan President
10.  Satellite by Indian Space Research Organisation which will be launched in 2012 to study the solar corona -the outermost region of Sun?
11.  Which state becomes the overall champion of 50th National Inter-State Senior Athletics Championships held in Patiala?
12.  Which state won the 64th Santosh Trophy national football championship-2010?
West Bengal
13.  Which country won 2nd Asian Men's Cup Volleyball Championship held in Iran?
14.  First Indian woman to clinch gold at World Shooting Championships when she won 50m rifle prone event equaling world record in process?
Tejaswini Sawant.
15.  Chief Justice of Sikkim High Court?
P.D. Dinakaran.
16.  Who is the new president Columbia?
Juan Manuel Santos.
17.  States of India recently rejected a draft bill proposed by Central Government to amend Constitution.Bill is concerned with?
Goods and Services Tax(GST)
18.  Peoples of which African country voted in a historic referendum for a new constitution?
19.  Chief of Pakistan's Frontier Constabulary who was killed recently in suicide bomb attack in Peshawar?
Sifwat Ghayoor
20.  Who has been appointed by Reserve Bank of India as the managing director and chief executive officer of Federal Bank?
Shyam Srinivasan
21.  Which country won Under-19 European Football Championship(UEFA)held in France?
France.They beat Spain(2-1)in final
22.  Chief information commissioner of India who has been appointed as member of World Bank's access to information appeals board ?
Wajahat Habibullah
23.  First Indian to qualify for 2012London Olympics?
Gagan Naran(Shooter
24.  First Indian woman referee to officiate in men's football match?
Maria Rebello
25.  New Symbol of Indian Rupee is designed by-
D Udayakumar
26.  Ranjana Sonawne-1st Indian to get UID (Unique Identification) number[Aadhar]
27.  Jailed Chinese political activist Liu Xiaobo was awarded Nobel Peace Prize 2010.
28.  Pranab Mukherjee won D 2010 'Finance Minister of D year 4 Asia'.
29.  Indira Gandhi Peace Prize:
>2010- Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva(former President Brazil)
>2009- Sheikh Hasina
>2008- Mohamed ElBaradei
30.  1st Indian State to introduce Mobile Number Portability (MNP)?
*First country in the world to introduce MNP was?
Singapore (in 1997)
31.  ICC Cricket World Cup:
2011-India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh
2015-Australia, New Zealand
WC 2011 mascot - Stumpy (Elephant) 2019-England

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